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"Welcome to the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office website. We will make every effort to provide links and services available to the citizens of Edgefield County through this site. Please feel free to view all pages and provide us with feedback, so we may update and tailor the site to the needs of the public." - Sheriff Adell Dobey
Sheriff Dobey has spent most of his life serving the public and protecting others. He has served with the US Marine Corps, Aiken County Sheriff's Office, Edgefield County Sheriff's Office, Wackenhut Security at SRS, and then returned to the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Dobey was a Lieutenant in the Training Division before running for the Office of Sheriff in the Fall of 2000. He assumed office on January 1, 2001 and has been re-elected twice since. During his time in office, Sheriff Dobey has remodeled and updated the Detention Center, obtained funds to place more deputies on patrol, created the SWAT and Bloodhound teams, and added a Forensic Investigator. Sheriff Dobey's continuing goal is to protect and serve the citizens of Edgefield County with a professional and dedicated staff of employees.
Sheriff Adell Dobey
Capt. Wash began his career at the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office in 1994 as a Dispatcher / Jailor, before the E-911 Communications Center was constructed. Capt. Wash worked his way up the ranks of Uniform Road Deputy, Animal Control Officer, Road Sergeant, Investigator, Lieutenant - Training Division, Narcotics, to Captain, second in command to the Sheriff. Capt. Wash assists the Sheriff with the purchase of equipment, grants, and day-to-day operations.
Captain Chris Wash
Lt. Doran joined the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office in January of 1991 as a Dispacher / Jailor working in that position for more than 3 years. Lieutenant Doran worked as a Uniform Road Deputy, Shift Sergeant, and Sergeant in Investigations in 2000, before assuming command as Lieutenant of Investigations in 2002.
Lt. Jaggers began her career in July 1986 as a Dispatcher / Jailor, obtaining jail certification in 1986 and NCIC certification in 1987. Since then she has completed Jail Management, the Training Officer's Program and E911 certification. A promotion in 1994 to Lieutenant brought a wealth of responsibility as the Designated Officer, certified in Infection Control and the Coordinator of the Edgefield County Sex Offender Registry. In addition to being responsible for training officers in the detention center and E911, Lt. Jaggers is also the Health Coordinator for all employees as well as inmates in the detention center. Even after 23 years, she encounters new advancements in training and health care procedures everyday.
Lt. Hall began her career at the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office in January of 1997 as an E911 Dispatcher. Hall became certified on the National Crime Information Computer (NCIC) in June of 1997, certified in E911 Communications in November of 1997, and returned to the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in May of 1999 to earn certification as a Class 2 Jail Officer. Hall was promoted to Lieutenant (Supervisor) of E911 / Jail in January of 2001, completing the Jail Management certification in December of that same year.
Lt. Randy Doran - Chief Investigator
Lt. Mark Howard - Training Division (Deputies)
Lt. Karen Jaggers - Training Division (E911 / Jail) Supervisor
Lt. Polly Hall - E911 / Jail Supervisor
Edgefield County Sex Offender Registry
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