Edgefield County Sheriff's Office
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803-637-5337 / 803-278-1625
Adell Dobey - Sheriff
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It is not uncommon for investigators to be actively working 10 criminal cases at once. Investigators handle referrals from the Uniform Road Patrol when incidents will involve more precise investigation techniques.
Common Criminal Investigations include but are not limited to: Burglaries, Thefts, Robberies, Forgeries, Murders, Sex Crimes, Computer Crimes, and Vandalisms.


With the recent addition of a Forensic Investigator, the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office is able to process certain types of evidence, at the local level, enabling a faster turn-around time. The Forensic Investigator is equipped with a wide array of technological tools to gather and process evidence at crime scenes.


The Edgefield County Narcotic Investigators are the behind-the-scenes investigators. Narcotic Investigators have no set hours and commonly are working while most are sleeping, enjoying a meal, or taking the family on a weekend outing. The Edgefield County Sheriff's Office is constantly fighting against drug activity in Edgefield County and encourage citizens to call 637-5337 or 278-1625 when they observe suspected drug activity.
Road Patrol are the 1st responders to crimes and incidents. Road Patrol covers the 502 square miles of Edgefield County and also assists the municipalities of Edgefield, Johnston, and Trenton. At times, the Road Patrol shifts are supplemented by Reserve Deputies, who volunteer their time to the citizens of Edgefield County.
Sheriff's Deputies in the Civil Process Division have the daunting tasks of serving papers (lawsuits, child support, divorce, executions, subpoenas, etc.) throughout Edgefield County's 502 square miles. Process servers operate morning, afternoon, evening, and some weekends to complete service to the appropriate individual.

The Civil Process Division is also responsible for providing security during Family Court and General Sessions Court at the Edgefield County Courthouse. They are supervisors over inmate escorts, person and property checks at the front and rear access areas, as well as overall courtroom security.

The deputies in Civil Process also respond to regular road patrol calls to assist the regular patrol officers when calls are over the normal call volume.
The E911 Dispatch Communication Center is the the brain center of all emergency services in Edgefield County, including the municipalities of Edgefield, Johnston, and Trenton. Dispatchers are responsible for directing law enforcement, EMS, and fire departments to the locations of incidents requiring such services.
All incoming and outgoing telephone calls and radio traffic are recorded and saved for future documentation.

Suggestions when calling 911 are as follows:

*If possible, try to stay on the phone until law enforement, EMS, or fire arrives.
Under Section 24-5-10 of the Code of Laws, S.C. as amended for 1976, the Edgefield County Detention Center is authorized to operate as a department under the authority of the County Sheriff. The primary objectives of the Detention Center in order of precedence are:
1. To protect the public by securely detaining those persons whom the courts have identified as presenting a danger to the community and thus ordered confined.
2. To provide decent and humane care, including wholesome diets, medical attention, and personal safety to those persons legally confined.
3. To provide constructive activities and special services to those who are legally confined to help them understand and overcome their social deficiencies and to prevent mental, emotional, and physical deterioration while in the Detention Center.
Commitment to the institution should not restrict a person's legal rights, except to the extent to protect the community. An inmate should retain as many of his/her constitutional rights as possible while confined at the Detention Center. However, the Administrator of the Detention Center has the authority and right to establish rules and regulations necessary for the secure and orderly operation of the institution. Inmates of the Detention Center wil;l be treated with dignity and respect at all times. While the inmates thenselves may be abusive, no member of the Detention Center staff will act in a manner that can be interpreted as mistreatment or degrading to the individual.
The Animal Control Division picks up stray domestic animals and sets traps for feral animals. They also enforce state laws as well as investigating cruelty complaints.

Animal Control works Mon – Fri 8am to 4pm.

All animals picked up are taken to and housed at the Aiken County Animal Shelter at 411 Wire Rd in Aiken. To contact them, call 803-642-1537.

If you are missing an animal please contact animal control as soon as possible to report it and you may wish to contact the shelter as well.

If you need assistance from Animal Control please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 637-5337 or 278-1625.

If you are interested in rescuing or adopting a shelter animal you can either go to the Aiken County Shelter or click one of the links below.
The Litter Control Division makes routine inspections of county roadways and schedules litter pick-up on those roads using inmate labor. Those inmates, that are categorized at Trustee Status (sentenced and serving time from Magistrate or Family Court), are utilized to provide the community services of trash pick-up and cutting grass at various county-owned properties. The Litter Control Division performs these services on weekdays, depending on weather situations.
Our Law Enforcement Victims’ Advocate (LEVA) acts as a support to victims of crime by offering a variety of services, ranging from intervening with creditors and employers to emotional help. She helps eligible victims in applying for compensation benefits. The Victims’ Advocate uses resources and is able to provide immediate emergency relief or assistance. The emergency relief can include any type of aid required to meet a victim’s basic needs after a crime, such as providing him or her with shelter, food, or any other immediate needs.

Our Law Enforcement Victims’ Advocate (LEVA) provides services to all victims of crime in Edgefield County. If you need assistance from our Victims’ Advocate, please call the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office at 803-637-5337.
Our LEVA is available Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm.